Farewell 2013...

To be completely honest with you, 2013 sucked for the Ponds.
I really tried to think of a better word than "sucked" but it actually sums it up quite well.
It was just one of those years where everything went wrong.
So many things went wrong that it just became a laughing matter.
Laughing makes most things better, I tell you.

Now you are dying to know what went so wrong?
Actually, if you are reading this you probably know, but here's a short list if you need a reminder...

- Preston got dizzy in May.  So dizzy he couldn't work, stand or lead a normal life.  Really dizzy.  We thought for sure he would be better by the Fall.  The doctor said, "You'll feel better in 6 months".  Well, it's been 7 months and he's still dizzy.  He's coping and functioning but still dizzy.  SUCKS!

- The old blue minivan died in April.  What, this sounds like good news?  I thought so too.  But, we bought Preston a new car in May.  Not brand new but new to us.  We loved everything about it.  Audi. Wagon. Seats 7.  Cool green color.  All wheel drive. It just fit him and we fell in love.  Again, sounds like good news, right?  Well, we paid cash for that thing, thank goodness, but since that day we purchased it we have put another $4,000 into fixing it.  What broke?  You name it and I'm sure we've rigged it or replaced it.  It's a money pit.  One mechanic even titled it "a lemon".  SUCKS!

- Our basement flooded.  3x.  It finally stunk so bad I called the insurance company and filed a claim.  I guess you don't dry up standing water that comes from the drain.  At one point our laundry room was a kitchen sink- full of chopped spinach and minced carrots.  Rotten ones.  It was disgusting.  We had contractors here for over a month. Our kids all slept in one room upstairs.  Paid a bunch of money for our deductible and then a bunch more to get the stuff we really wanted (more carpet, added baseboards, color on the walls, etc.).  SUCKS!

And then just little things kept happening...
- Van A/C broke
- Garage door busted
- Henry had 2 infected teeth
- the Audi broke down
- the Audi broke down
- the Audi broke down

In the grand scheme of things, all of this is minor.  I'm truly blessed to have the life I do.  We've had some amazing things happen this year, as well, that have made it memorable!  I'm just darn ready to have 2013 be over.  I mentioned to a friend today, "Does the new year really make a difference?  Is tomorrow going to come and everything will just be better?".  She didn't agree or disagree, but she did say, "Tell the Universe that. It will happen."  So, I'm telling the Universe...
"2014 WILL BE GOOD!"

I'm ready.  Bring it on.
2013....don't let the door hit you on the way out!

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