the Halloween hustle

Another great Halloween is in the books!
It really was a great night despite a few issues.
Henry decided at the beginning of the month that he wanted to be a glow stick guy,
which I thought would be easy peasy.  It's all over Pinterest so it must be doable, right?
Or, I'm just dumb.  We spent 45 minutes cracking the glow sticks and attaching them with packaging tape.  The tape was popping off left and right.  Henry had sticks in his face and poking his arms.  He was annoyed and uncomfortable.  It was falling apart fast.  I was annoyed that I had ordered glow sticks and bought him a black outfit for the costume and it just wasn't working.  And, we were leaving to trick or treat in just a few minutes.  Henry just kept asking if he could be a shadow, a.k.a. "just where black clothes".  I kept telling him no...and that he had to wear a costume or he couldn't go trick or treating.  Well, dad walked in the door 5 minutes after we were supposed to leave with our friends to trick or treat and encouraged Henry to cut the glow sticks off and go trick or treating as a shadow.
So, that's what happened.  I just took a deep breath and chalked one up to failure.  I can handle one of those from time to time.  
We survived.  It was minor.  
The rest of the night was a lot of fun.  
The kids are at perfect ages to really live it up on this fun holiday.
The pretty much ran the entire neighborhood for candy.
And honestly, isn't Stella the most perfect Strawberry Shortcake?  I sure think so.
And after getting really frustrated with Henry, my sweet little James came to me and said, "Thanks for buying me a ninja costume for Halloween, Mom." It melted my heart at just the right moment.

The holiday rush is upon us.
I'm hoping it's failure free. ;)

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