a hunting they will go

Preston bought a deer tag months ago and couldn't wait to take the boys hunting!
They have been talking about it and buying orange attire ever since!
The day finally came and they left for the hunt.
It was 3 days in the area just past Kamas, Utah.
They spent the days hunting for deer, hanging out with Grandpa, fishing, eating yummy not-so-nutrionally-dense camping food, campfires and sleeping in a tent.
My boys were in their element!
They didn't find a deer, but they did see a few doe.
They boys were nonstop chatter about how much fun they had,
and Preston said they will for sure be going next year!

 To be completely honest, I was just as excited about the hunt.
I knew that the boys leaving meant me and Stella got some girl time!
We sure had a ball!

Our days were filled with sleeping in, eating out, shopping, playing and a few other adventures.
It was so easy having one kid and I just adore my little girl!
I think she loved having just me all the time- I heard "You are my best friend" and "I will stay by you forever" quite a few times in just 3 days.  :)

We were able to just fly by the seat of our pants without a school schedule or cooking for 5.
And no sibling fighting- that was THE best!  I think she loved getting her way, all of the time.

 {Stellie and Me}

 {Hitting the Pumpkin Walk with friends} 

{Pew Wei Dinner- she sure loves rice and edamame!}

 {My little snugglebug- I loved having a bed buddy and she loved watching Peppa Pig in Daddy's spot!}

I think that the 3 day hunt was a great way to get some family time, just boys and just girls.
I know I will always look back on it with fond memories with Stella,
and I sure hope it happens again next year!

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Keely said...

I never thought I would see the day you let or invited your kid in your bed, wow!!