What's UPdate

My blog is behind.
Better yet, I am behind, and lazy, and haven't been taking pictures with my real camera.
Life is busy and crazy and normal.
The same old things most days...lots of contentment with a side dish of trouble.

Here's a few shots...

 {We can't get enough of the new little Thompson boy- Wesley.  I just want to go over there every day and snuggle him- I forgot how much I love the baby phase!  James loves it too!  He held him for a good 20 minutes the other day and didn't want to let him go.  Then he told me if I had another baby he would take care of it if I just changed the diapers.  Then he looked at me and said, "Will you do it?".  Poor kid- the baby days are gone at this house.}

 {This was a shot Stella took this week of me on my computer.  I need to get going on my new Christmas card designs.  I had my first Christmas Card order last week!  That family is on top of it!}

 {After a few month summer break, I went back to Crossfitting.  I feel like a total wimp most days, but I do love when the WOD includes double unders- I can rock those.  I give credit to my Amanda Arnold Jumping Panda days- our elementary had a jump rope team- how cool is that?}

 {This was a wimp day- I hate overhead squats.  I blame it on my weak core.}

 {The last time I wore earrings was my wedding day 13 years ago and guess what?  They haven't closed up!  These babies slipped right through.  Still not sure I love earrings though.  I'm not a jewelry person and it makes talking on the phone more difficult.}

 {We got our first snow this week...NOOOOO!  I'm not ready.  This was Stella waking me up to tell me what she saw out the window.  What happened to Fall?}

{Our basement is still in disarray, but the laundry room is looking much better.  After a series of contractors frequented our home this week we have new white trim around the doors, new baseboards and a fresh coat or two of Misty Surf from Lowe's.  I'm loving the color!}

 {Stella loves playing soccer.  She's usually aggressive in our backyard and then gets shy on the field.  Well, yesterday something clicked after she scored one goal....she started going crazy and chasing the ball down- she scored 5 goals!!!}

 {I'm the worst baker, but I'm proud to announce I had my first successful General Conference Cinnamon Rolls today.  I started them last night and finished them up this morning.  They were actually easy and turned out delicious- it's definitely a new tradition around here!}

{After a serious case of Cabin Fever watching General Conference on our couch all day, we headed up to Snow Basin to go on a hike and check out the Fall leaves.  It was beautiful and just what we needed!}

Life is good...and chaotic...and wonderful!
Happy Fall!

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