a marathon of memories...

My sisters came into town to run a marathon.
It was a nice, long weekend with just the 6 original Lunds (and Makenzie, my niece).
It was blissful for me, but I was just the hostess and cheerleader.
I think my sisters enjoyed it too, especially after the 26.2 miles were over.
I'm still in awe that they accomplished such a feat (in the pouring rain)!!!

We spent most of the weekend downtown at City Creek Center,
dining, shopping, and resting at the Marriott.

I wanted to scrapbook it all before I forgot about all of the little details, so here it is!

The best parts of the weekend by far were laughing hysterically with my sisters and parents ("Flap jack on a Momma!),
but a few other highlights were...

 Seeing Jef Holm (from the Bachelorette) at the finish line, just behind my sister, Keely.
He was very gracious, taking a picture and congratulating her.
Then when I uploaded my pictures I realized that I also got a shot of him running...

Was too busy cheering on my sisters to realize these 2 runners photo bombing.  I can't imagine being at mile 19 and having this much energy...AWESOME!

And the big finale, Sil's Cafe.  They earned a scone the size of their heads and a handful of honey butter for all of that running!

I love my family and am so proud of them!

If you want to laugh hysterically too, watch this (or any other Nonsense videos)!

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