Happy 3rd Birthday, Stella Jane!

Where has the time gone and what happened to my tiny baby?


You are my sweetheart, my love, my best friend, my baby girl, my stellie belly, and my stellie bean.
I tell you everyday how much I love you and can't stop kissing you.
You have this thing where you say, "ALL the time and ALL the time" when you mean A LOT...
so now I say, "ALL the time and ALL the time and ALL the time",
and you respond with, "YOU LOVE ME!".
And it's so true.
I couldn't love you more.

You are three.
I remember the first time I saw you I couldn't believe you were a girl.
I knew right away we would be best friends forever.
You are my little sidekick that never wants to part from me.
I love it and hate it, but I know it's something I will always cherish down the road.

Every night I lay by you in your bed for just a few minutes,
and you always say, "Let's talk about us".
And so we do...
I have to ask you what your mom's name is, and what your dad's name is,
and just keep talking about our family.
You love your family.  Your best friend list usually goes like this...Mommy, Daddy, James, "Heady", Harpie and Afton.  I hope you always want to be around us.

Lately you have really been into playing pretend.
You imagine that your Winkies is a baby and you hold him so carefully,
put him in the car seat and buckle him up.
You bring him into the bathroom while I'm getting ready and tell me that you are going to the gym
and that if he cries I can hold him, but if he gets a dirty diaper to come and get you.
You are the sweetest little mommy.

You are also full of drama.
I love to listen to your fake phone conversations that include, "Well", "Like..." and "Usually" with your head propped to the side and your hand on your hip.  
You cry in the car sometimes and yell out, "I want YOU-eee" (hoping I will hold you).
I wake up about 4 times in the night just to "cober me up" (your request).

You are funny and laugh at the strangest things.  
The other day you told me "I don't like those. They aren't perfect and don't fit you." while pointing to my chest.  I'm really not sure where you get the things you say, but you sure do have a sense of humor (and honesty!).  

You are three.
And you are still my baby.
I love you.

Happy Birthday!


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Janelle said...

I love this post! And we love Stellie Bean too! Happy Birthday, Stella!