BUNNY business/ FUNNY business!

The night before Easter Stella cried telling me that she did NOT want a bunny to come in our house!
I think once she woke up and saw what he left her that she was completely okay with it!

We had a great Easter morning to ourselves before church!

Our Easter evening festivities was a little different this year!
Preston's parents were visiting his brother in Las Vegas,
so we were left to fend for ourselves.
We truly missed Nick and Janeen (and her amazing cooking),
but Janelle really pulled off a great backup!
The holiday was just perfect!
Bunny baskets, breakfast, church, family feast and egg hunt fun!

My very favorite part of the night was watching these kids hunt for eggs!
They were cracking us up, fighting for each and every egg as though it were gold!
I caught this moment on my phone.  I called it "Dog Pile/Pond Style"...

It warmed my heart to see that Henry fought for the candy then threw it in James' bucket.
There were multiple dog piles that night!  It was an aggressive hunt!

We kept up the traditional confetti egg crack.  The boys really attacked...

While the girls had a tougher time...

But we all had a blast!
We have the best family with terrific traditions!

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Keely said...

the egg cracking on your head looks a little painful!