I'm so SICK of sickness!

A few weeks ago a neighbor had a bunch of us over to watch The Bachelor finale.  Why do I love this trashy show so much?  Well, this season it was especially great because the Bachelor, Sean Lowe, was classy and truly looking for love.  It was also fabulous because I was the only one to guess that he would pick Catherine, so I won the rose pen!

So all that fun got my week off to a great start and then....
This happened.
It was Wednesday morning and I was supposed to be leaving in 10 minutes to take Henry to school.  I walked down the stairs and immediately smelled something awful!  When I walked into his room and saw this I began dry heaving.  I don't do puke, Preston does puke.  But, he was at work.
Henry was sleeping in his bed on the top bunk.  When I began cleaning it up he woke up and said, "Hey, Mom!  Is it time for school yet?" then jumped down and began playing soccer in the basement.  He told me that he woke up at midnight, needed to puke, did so over the edge of the top bunk and then was too tired to get down to come get us.  So they slept all night next to this mess- there was even some splatter on James' pillow.  

I know, disgusting.  I shouldn't be putting that picture on my blog, but it's reality folks.  
The next hour I spent cleaning up that junk.
I was on an antibiotic for strep at the time.  
The next day I got a horrible stomach ache that turned into what felt like transition in labor- the worst 30 minutes when you just want that baby OUT so you can stop the insanity.  Well, I went through that "transition" wanting that puke out for about 6 hours before finally getting out of bed and demanding that Preston take me to the  hospital to birth a baby I didn't realize I was carrying.  And then my mouth began watering, and I ran to the bathroom and finally ridded myself of that barf baby- oh, that felt good!  The next 3 hours of sleep were the best in my life.

Anyways, I've gone on about all of this for way too long,
but I'm trying to make the point that for the past few weeks this house has been SICK!
Strep Throat and the stomach bug are NO FUN!  
We are usually healthy and these back-to-back sicknesses have kicked us in the butt!

So instead of blogging for the past few weeks I have been dying in bed, caring for a sick husband and sick kids, spring cleaning to rid our home of the germs and trying my best to just function.

Here's the last week in pictures... phone pics, of course!  The camera doesn't come out when you are in survival mode.

Janelle and I have a great spring cleaning swap.  I get 4 days alone to clean while she watches my kiddos and she gets 4 days alone to do the same while I watch hers.  It's my favorite- Spring Cleaning gets done in less than 2 weeks!  Yipee!

Here's the cuties eating their lunch...
 Good thing they are best friends.  They play and play and play and play,
and then we relax a bit with a snack and a movie...

Our kids are finally at good ages where it's easier to have friends over to entertain them.
They get along well and love to be together.

As if sickness wasn't enough, a pipe broke in our basement and we had some flooding.  Plumber to the rescue!  And, our garage door stopped working, so we had a $350 visit to get that fixed too.
These girls didn't care- they were just happy to have sunshine and ride-ons!

I'm finally getting used to my Young Women's calling.  We did a fun activity this week where the girls made Easter baskets and hunted for each other's good qualities.  They wrote them on a slip of paper and put them in a plastic egg to drop in each girl's bag that they will open on Easter.  It was cute!

This little one is still her Mommy's girl.
She just wants to brush my hair all of the time.
Or, she will come find me and say, "Mommy, I want you to play with me."
My heart melts.

Speaking of our Stelly, she is celebrating a birthday in a few weeks so we are party planning.
I wanted the cute striped straws you see everywhere, and I found them at Hobby Lobby!
I loved all of the colors!

One night James couldn't find his beloved turtle, Zippies, at bedtime.  The next morning I got up and went to get breakfast ready and there he was....in the fridge!

Despite all of the sickness, the cleaning and the house problems, I've still been trying to "remember" and take the time out of my day to really enjoy my kids.
This week's good mom moment was when I dropped everything to make these cute bunny hats I saw online.  I thought the teeth were adorable!

James loves crafts! And, he's really good at them too!

Now that the Spring Cleaning is done, the germs are gone (I hope), and the snow is finally out of here,
I'm so excited to bask in my sparkly clean house, my healthy family and the sunshine!
Let's just hope it all lasts!

PS- in case you were dying to know...This is THE best tile cleaner.  And, I'm so happy I found THIS tutorial on how to clean my front-loading washer.  

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Lindsey said...

Oh no! Boooo to sickness. I will be thankful mine are only down with snotty noses this week.

Also, I bought boxes of 250 striped straws for Cam's party--I'd have sent you some! :P