Valentine Prep

We are getting ready for Valentine's Day at our house.
The kids are most excited for their exchanges at school.

Henry can't give candy at his school so he chose pens and we came up with this...

James is obsessed with gum balls lately, so we did this...
He loved double-stick taping the kiss to the top.

Stella is super sweet and loves candy and jewelry so naturally this was born...

Now if I could just make/buy some Valentine decorations we would be set!
I realized we don't have ANY!...this house ain't so full of love at the moment, I guess.

{More info on how we did their cards or if you'd like to order some, go here}

1 comment:

Keely said...

I might make fun of you if you start decorating for valentines, just saying, and you thought the toilet scarf was bad...