Snow much fun!

On Saturday Preston and I dropped the kiddos off at Aunt Nellie's for some serious play time (sledding included) while we headed off to a night away with our good friends.
Every year we get together for a couple's overnighter and every year we  have a great time.

This year's fun started off in SLC at the Red Iguana for some delicious lunch- mine included a free hair.
But other than that, it was delightful.  What meal minus children isn't?
Then we all loaded up in one car and drove up with canyon to Midway to the Zermatt resort.
We've been there a few times and it's nothing short of magical- hot tub inside and outside, clean and cozy rooms, all with a Swiss theme.  We originally picked the Zermatt because the Sunday Brunch is to die for, but come to find out it was closed.  Bummer.  We played games, reminisced and laughed and laughed and laughed.  I forget how it's possible to laugh so much until I'm around these guys.


After a hot soak in the hot tub and a good night's rest we woke up to a Winter Wonderland...

And I wondered how on Earth we would make it back home down Parley's Canyon.
I don't do driving in the snow, or riding in the snow, for that matter.
Once, while in college, I had to drive the short 1.5 hour trip from Sandy to Logan during a snowstorm- that 1.5 hours turned into 4 hours and many slide-offs and tears....the next morning I woke up with every muscle in my body sore from being so tense at the wheel.   Let's just say ever since then I  have avoided snowy roads at all costs- it scarred me for life.  
As we left the Zermatt the roads seemed snow-covered but doable.  Preston was our pilot and Todd was the co-pilot.  As we approached Park City we were confident we could make it to SLC without stopping for a snow delay, but then we saw a flashing sign that said, "Chains Required".  After a split second decision we decided to ignore the sign and continue driving on the snowy stretch of highway. Let's just say that I pretty much ended up in the fetal position and near tears while the others in the van laughed, gauged the drive from 0-10 of being the worst they'd ever seen and threw out good vibes that we would all make it home to our 10 awaiting children safely.  The best conversation was planning how we would deliver Pam's baby if she went into labor- not very unlikely at 36 weeks pregnant!
Needless to say, we made it down the canyon after what seemed like hours!  And, it made for quite an adventure and a great memory!  

We celebrated being alive at The Grand America Brunch.  
Nothing like stuffing ourselves silly on crepes, omelettes, seafood and such after a near-death experience.

I professed my love for my dear friends, the amazing food and the fact that I was still alive!
Next year I'm hoping we can avoid the snow and head somewhere warm instead...

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pamela said...

this is a spot on perfect description. i laugh more this night than the entire rest of the year combined.

really, hearing you say that you loved us and that there is no one you'd rather die with was worth the scary storm.