Weekend Bliss

I must admit the whole past week has been pretty darn great...
being able to eat whatever I want to whenever I want to after the Whole 30 plays a huge roll in that.  Eating is fun again.
But, this past weekend will be hard to top anytime soon.

Friday started off with a bang when we headed to Wheeler Farm for family photos by the amazing Jeni Boston.  

This is usually one of the most stressful events of my year.
You know the drill- picking out outfits, switching them a hundred times, boogery noses, someone hates their shirt, someone misses their nap, a child has a large scratch on their face, one kid screams, another refuses to look at the camera and another one runs away.  The husband refuses to smile right- at least right in my eyes anyway.  The list could go on and on most years.  But, something aligned this year.
Even though I was a bit nervous- the outfits fit, they were cute, no one was injured, the kids and hubby all got haircuts, curling my hair turned out okay, Stella napped and woke up happy and no one broke down during pictures.  Jeni got more than enough shots, and I can't wait to see them.  Then we topped the happiness off with delicious pizza, breadsticks and Cokes with our wonderful friends (see food is usually involved- and I'm not talking chicken and broccoli).

On Saturday I got a morning run in before soccer.
It was a beautiful fall day to watch the game.
President Monson announced that boys can now leave for missions at 18 and girls at 19.
I'm really happy about that.  I think it increases the chances for all of our kids to go on missions, which I hope and pray for every day (in my heart anyways).
Saturday afternoon was shopping and listening to Conference.
On Saturday evening we went to the Ayalas for appetizers (some of the best food ever!).
The boys went to the Priesthood meeting and the girls played Whackie Six.  So fun.  Just like Nerts.
I have the best family and friends and that, for me, makes life great.
Homemade Burnt Almond Fudge and a forced "You are Beautiful" (gotta love Priesthood instruction) from the hubby completed the night.


{She's ready to fight for that candy!}

It's always nice to spend a Sunday at home.
No hustle and bustle.  Nowhere to go.  Just dress comfy, hang out and listen to conference.
I tried to get the kids motivated to listen by making cups of candy with key words on them.
Anytime the speaker said the word, they could take the piece of candy.
Well, I'm sure you all know how it went.  Cups of candy were spilled.  Stella took tons of each kind with no "missionary work" even mentioned.
James wasn't happy about it...

Henry was on top of things and filled up 3 cups of candy pretty quick...
Parenting fail.  3 kids with cabin fever and a sugar high while trying to listen to conference.
Oh well.  I think they (and we) heard a bit of it.  The kids were happy and sometimes that's all that matters.  The afternoon session went much better when Preston built a Lego Temple with them...

I sat in my office and listened in peace.

My favorite was Elder Holland's talk on Sunday morning, of course.  I'm sure most of you agree as well.
He can take one story and make it seem alive and like the best thing you've ever heard.  His emotion and sincerity is all-encompassing.
My favorite part was at the end when he said that he thinks once we pass on and are judged, that we will be asked, just as Peter was, by the Savior, "Did you love me?" and that he hopes we can all answer,  "Yea, Lord, I loved thee".  He emphasized that it's not a one time thing but that "Your Father in Heaven expects your love and loyalty at every stage of life".
I hope I can prove loyal.

And, of course, after a great day of family time and inspiration, we finished the night off with food...
{Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread}


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Orange said...

That was my favorite talk too :) Glad you're enjoying food again, you seem very happy!