Big Girl Bed

We officially removed the crib slats on Stella's bed
and she sleeps in a "big girl bed".
She's been climbing out of her crib since returning home from our summer travels,
and we just decided to get rid of the middle-of-the-night thump that proceeds her coming into our room after escaping her crib. 

So it's done.
No more babies here.
No more cribs.
Sad/happy day!

I'm not too sad because she's still MY baby.
She follows me everywhere I go, asks for me constantly, tells me she loves me and that I'm her best friend and generally doesn't let me out of her sight.
It's pretty sweet.
She even climbs into bed with me at night after she awakes in her "big girl bed" and I can't lie I do like to snuggle up to her and snooze for a few hours.
But then that big baby is returned to her big girl bed because somehow her feet end up in my face night after night.
She told Janelle yesterday, "I have a big girl bed now, but I sleep in my mommy's bed too and I like it".

{Big Girl beds come with Big Boogers! ;)}

My sister said to me today, "You would never have let your boys sleep in your bed at this age".

Guess what?  She's right.  Oh well, she's MY baby.


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Keely said...

Yeah that doesn't look like a very big big girl bed, I would be cozying up with you too, don't blame her.