"Thyme" for a nanny.

I was hoping to blog our vacation to Florida this week, but it's been slow moving.
600 pictures is a lot to deal with and when temporarily living in a house with 7 children not much gets done.
So I decided to scrapbook it as I go, page by page.  Baby steps.

I devoted "nap time" to my scrapbooking today.
But as soon as I laid Stella down we lost a DS game.  I searched an hour and a half for it and still can't find it- again, I'll blame it on 7 kids under one roof.  Then, the laundry needed folding, the kids needed disciplining (why must they jump on the floor above Stella sleeping while playing Mario on the Wii?  I swear I sat when I was addicted to it 20-some years ago), then I sat down to the computer and other pursuits sucked me in (I'll blame that on Pinterest).  So anyways, all I have today is the first page of my vacation. Baby steps.  


Maybe tomorrow I will have a second page....or better yet, a nanny.

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