Just beachy.

I was pleasantly surprised by my enjoyment of the beach.
I hate sand, wearing swimsuits, fearing sealife and getting soaked. 
But, this sand was pretty soft, the water was shallow and the house was just a walk across the street.
I knew I could make a quick getaway after getting disgusted by the sand to the house to shower the ocean off me.

Preston loves the beach- the water, the sand, sitting near the ocean, riding the waves and all that goes along with it.  He was in his element here and the kids just joined in the fun with him.
I spent a lot of time on the shore with Stella while she dug in the sand.
I counted my kids heads bobbing in the water a billion times, over and over again.  I'm good at lifeguarding.  It's a full time job for me.
But, I did venture out into the water a few times and believe it or not, enjoyed myself.

Here's our first day at the beach all documented...

Many more to come...

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