a fairly eventful weekend...

Our first weekend back home has been "fair"ly eventful!

We started Friday off with the Davis County Fair.
We showed up at 10am and little did we know the fair opened at 11am.  Oops.
So we waited in line for the pony rides for an hour.  Henry takes after his mom- impatient...

But, ride they did!

Then we tried out the petting zoo, where most of the kids preferred to stay outside of the corral...

I, on the other hand, went inside the corral and ended up with goat poop all over my pants
and a crying toddler who was afraid of the loving goats who wanted to lick her.

The Hen House was filled with hens and a rotten stench...

I'm thinking the fair wasn't such a great idea.
It's joining the Kaysville Parade on my list of "Things I don't need to do next year, EVEN if it's tradition".

On Saturday, we left the poop and animals behind and headed up to Snowbird Resort for Preston's summer work party.
What we didn't leave behind were the long lines...
As in, we waited 45 minutes to ride the alpine slide and one hour and 10 minutes to jump on a bungee trampoline.

{Henry and I on the ski lift}

{James and I on the ski lift}

{Alpine Slider}

{Junior Jumper}

{Bouncing Boy}

{Fearless Flipper}

The lines were long and the sun was hot,
but the mountains were beautiful and we didn't get covered in poop.
We just may keep this tradition.

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