the best of Branson

We've been to Branson quite a few times now for the Lund Reunion.
Our Branson favorites are still holding strong.

Outlet Shopping!
Angie snagged these stuffed animals & doll for the kids at the Disney outlet.
She always seems to make up for missing their birthdays throughout the year.
"Rella rella" (Cinderella) goes most places with us.
Bolt sleeps with the boys every night.

My kids are getting good at swimming independently, so it was nice to sit poolside and chat with family.
Henry has just about got swimming down.
James does great with a life jacket.
Stella rocks her Sharkie and a tube...
They all stay afloat and have fun!

The waiters and waitresses sing to you and have really good voices!
Henry was loving "Landslide", if you can't tell.

And, lastly, the Grand chair at Grand Village!

We had a great time hitting all of our favorites!
Until next time...

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