my motherhood mantra

I found this thought on Pinterest...
It's so true.
I do put my kids happiness over my own (most days).
I do try to teach them the right thing (most moments).
I pray every night that I can do a little bit better because I feel like I'm doing it all wrong.
And then I remember how my mom raised me- in an easy-going, active and fun-loving atmosphere.
....And how Preston's mom raised him- in a hard working, faith-building and loving atmosphere.
And then I tell myself we are both pretty great (at least I think so), take a deep breath
and realize that I just need to trust my own instincts and go with it.
Afterall, my mom and Preston's mom didn't have Pinterest.

I guess I just love these little midgets so much...
and want them to think one day that I did a pretty darn good job at being a mom.

This week they will because we are off to Disneyland!
I'll forgive myself for all the mistakes I made this week- let the magic begin!!!

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Keely said...

just remember the sunblock, i don't think we got much of that.