9 magical days...

We just returned from 9 days of bliss.
Disneyland. Family. Beach. Friends. St. George. Sunshine. 

This was the first picture taken on the trip, and I think I can safely say it was all smiles from here on out.

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.

Stella didn't enjoy the characters close up...

And James did break his head open on a rock outside of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...
No worries- he got the Disney treatment- lots of attention, love, meds and a new Mickey shirt.
It's apparently the happiest place on Earth to get hurt too!

But, I must say all-in-all the trip was nearly perfect.
I couldn't have asked for a more fun-filled getaway with my little family and some of our best friends.

Now I must return to reality and catch up on all of the household duties before I blog the details of our adventures.
I have 10 loads of laundry waiting to be folded and lots of DVR'd shows to be watched.

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