a trip to the city

Salt Lake City has a new downtown area called City Creek.
We had heard wonderful things about it, so we ventured down there over Spring Break to see for ourselves.
It's basically a large outdoor mall with nice walkways and a big food court with play area.

The boys loved the bridges that went over the streets and looking out the large windows...

They were so happy to see the Angel Moroni on the temple...

We only went to 2 stores since we had lots of kiddos in tow. Our first stop was the Disney store.

We got there so early that Henry got asked to open the store....he got to use the key of imagination. He was beaming afterwards and said, "Mom, I never get picked for anything fun".
I think it made his day.

The girls loved the castle inside...

I loved hitting the food court and letting the kids run...

It made for a fun, but exhausting, trip to the city.

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