The Nice List

On Christmas Eve the boys watched videos that got delivered from Santa.
They were sad to see that they had not made the nice list yet.
Santa said they still had time to get put on.
Henry immediately started asking me, "Mom, do you need help with anything?".
He was trying to be good. I think he was on the naughty list for a bit for fighting with his brother.
On Christmas Eve night as I was putting him to bed he asked, "Mom, do you think I'm on the nice list?". He even prayed that he would not get coal in his stocking.
It broke my heart a bit, but I reassured them that he had tried hard and I thought he was back on the Nice list.

The kids awoke just after 7am and were ready to see what Santa brought!
They waited at the top of the stairs for Mommy and Daddy to come down...

James was excited for his Batman Geo Trax and all of the little stocking stuffers...

Stella was so happy to finally have girly dress-ups at our house...

Henry had to put his Hexbug habitat together right away...

Grandma and Grandpa Pond stopped by for Christmas breakfast...

Christmas was kind of a rush this year.
We quickly opened presents,
ate Christmas breakfast,
opened a few more gifts,
cleaned up the remains,
packed for our trip,
got ready for church,
went to Sacrament meeting,
then hit the road for Kansas.

Despite the rush,
it was fun to be with family,
witness the excitement of my kids,
take a moment to remember the birth of Christ,
and count down the hours until we'd be having fun with our Lund family!


And, we were super relieved that all of our little ones were back on the Nice list.
Let's hope it lasts!


pamela said...

oh have fun! i didn't know you were going!

Kathy said...

Looks like fun! I just bought Timothy those exact pj's Henry is wearing. I'll have to show him the picture; he'll be so excited! Have a great trip.