I know most of you have heard my sob story a gazillion times, but it must be heard one last time...
I would rather bungee jump off the Eiffel Tower than see one measly rodent in my personal space.
We caught one mouse a few weeks ago, after it snuck around and germ-infested our house for 5+ days.
And I know we have another.
A trap snapped last week and the peanut butter was stolen,
but we have no dead mouse to show for it. Talk about feeling violated and out-smarted.
JERKS! This is my house now GET OUT!

After Preston heard me whine EVERY NIGHT for a week he decided to make a plan.
Clean the basement really good...aka: starve those turds to death.
He moved everything to the center of the basement, vacuumed everywhere,
emptied garbages and got rid of anything that looked like a mouse haven.
This is about as far in the basement I've been in weeks, just to snap this shot.
As you can see, my dear daughter is not phased by the mouse. She's helping Daddy.

The boys helped in the cause too...

We put down about 20 sticky traps, 2 trap boxes and 5 snap traps.

And were determined to catch that pesky rascal (and his buddies shall they exist).

But still 'til this day we have come up empty handed.
A creature is stirring in this house...
Who we gonna call?


Anneke said...

I think it is a sign of the times. The mice are getting smarter.

Renee said...

You know I have a huge phobia of mice, too. I've only had a mouse 2 times in 11 years in our home. Both times, I've called our pest control guy. I wouldn't use anyone else. His stuff kept them away for about 5 years!