Feliz Navidad

Henry's 1st grade Christmas Show was last night.
It was a play about the Christmas traditions in Spain.
One had to do with the 3 Kings day and Henry was assigned as a King's helper.
He had to wear an all black outfit and black face.
Stella took one look at him and sobbed.
Henry had to talk to her to make her realize it was just him underneath the black paint.
He played his part well....standing still, singing, dancing and passing out gifts.

But once he got out of character and they got to just the Christmas Caroling part
he didn't look so festive...

That black paint with a Santa hat was kinda creepy amongst all of the other children.
The good thing is Stella could pick him out of the crowd and yelled "Heady" quite a few times.

Today was Henry's last day of school until 2012, and we're excited to celebrate!

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Peach said...

Those painted black faces are odd. Hmm.