be good for goodness sake

Yesterday was the first day of Winter Break and just one of those days where my kids were being spoiled brats.
I planned a fun day since it is almost Christmas and my kids were off of school.
We met up with friends for lunch and jumping at Kangaroo Zoo.
I got them all soup for lunch and none of it was eaten. $6 well spent. Not.
We went to jump and they all jumped happily while I chatted.
Until, they all got hungry and feasted on the sugar-filled snacks all around.
Then all heck broke loose.
No one wanted to leave. No one wanted to buckle up. No one wanted to listen.
I started to threaten that Christmas wouldn't be happening (please tell me someone else does this!?)
Everyone was on a sugar load and exhausted.
James and Stella finally fell asleep. Henry got invited on a play date and got sent home early for curling up in a ball in the corner and being mute.
So all in all, it was a bad Mommy morning and further confirmation that 3 kids is enough for me!
At 3pm I was dead on the couch, hoping for relief from my crazy kiddos and exhaustion.
At 4pm I was NOT in the mood but we loaded up the car yet again to meet Preston at temple square to see the Christmas lights. It's usually a Christmas night tradition for us, but we will be packed up in our minivan headed across the plains this year.
So, we tackled it tonight.
I fully expected the worst.
I expected my kids to continue with their antics, the crowds to be too much and the cold to be overbearing.
Well, I was wrong.
By some tender mercies from above it was one of those nights that will live in my memory as one of the best nights as a family for years to come.
We picked Preston up from work downtown and headed toward the temple.
We got a front row spot (tender mercy).
The kids got bundled and we headed towards the lights.
Just as we approached the Nativity scene the show started (tender mercy).
The boys peeked through the railing and watched quietly.
Stella happily sat on her daddy's shoulders (tender mercy).
We walked through the lit up trees, spotted Moroni atop the temple, paused at the reflecting pond, and wandered through the nativities from around the world without losing a child (tender mercy).
Everyone reported they were hungry.
We strolled the streets searching for some a food establishment that we could all agree on and that wasn't too busy.
Olive Garden was found and we were seated in a room with very few people (tender mercy).
Noodles were had, conversation was jubilant and kids were perfect little angels (tender mercy).
My husband declared, "Tomorrow starts vacation! What's the plans?".
I sat there with a full belly and a happy heart,
knowing that sometimes it takes some really rotten moments to realize that I have it really good.
And Christmas may just be restored at our house!

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