Park Perfection

Stella is becoming quite the little person lately.
She's no longer the mush that you call baby. Sweet, cute, loveable, perfect mush.
Now she runs, screams, chats, eats anything, understands commands and enjoys slides at the park...
My favorite parts about this video are...
1- Henry's willingness to give up his park time to help his sister slide.
2- Stella's huge smile at the bottom of the slide.
3- James using his baby voice to tell his sister "we can come back".
4- Stella insisting on running away to avoid leaving the park.

I'm loving my kids ages right now.
Henry is so big and becoming a great helper.
James is finally to the point where he can do most things independently and not throw a fit about it. He's so sweet to his sister, always wanting to show her things and make her happy.
Stella is exploring, learning and the delight of my other children as they watch her do it.

I realized as I watched this video back that I'm truly blessed, even though I've always known it, it is nice to have a simple reminder from time to time.

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