a flood of fun


Preston has been having a lot of meetings at night with his new Stake Young Men's calling,
so these 3 get thrown in the tub all at once. Whereas on a normal night, I'm on Stella duty and Daddy is on boy duty.
They play, splash and laugh the tubby time away...all 3 in a row.
After they are all clean and done with the bath time fun, I wrap them up in their towels
and they run around the house like crazy animals.
Then I have to wrangle them in, PJ them up, read them books, say prayers, feed them snacks
and toss them in bed.

Then.....I go clean up the flooded bathroom.

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Renee said...

So cute!

I hear ya on the Stake YM/YW callings...I always felt bad that I left my dh to be a "sigle parent" so often. Now roles have switched & I'm at home doing bathing duty while he does EQ! :)