Back to School Night

We like to celebrate everything with food here at the Pond home, so Back to School was no different.
We had an entire evening of Back to School excitement.

The menu...

The place settings...
Henry got the CELEBRATE plate because it was his first day.

The grub...
No photo of the actual beef tacos...I can't make that look appetizing. But, the guac was pretty amazing.

1st grader...

Soon-t0-be preschooler...

We ate, talked about his first day of first grade then had an FHE on Listening and Learning.
We all got Priesthood Blessings from Daddy and are geared up for a good year!

The most important part....treats!
I attempted these apple oreo pops.
They worked okay but were more difficult than I anticipated.
The toothpick wedged the oreo apart and then the candy melt got thick and clumpy.
But, my 3, 5 and 32 year old had no complaints.

Happy Back to School/The Grind!


Janelle said...

Honestly, could you be any cuter? That is an adorable idea! I love it!

katieandkelly said...

What a fun tradition!