i know what we're doing this summer...

I'm a list maker, so this project caught my eye.

I put this together last weekend and the boys & I made our summer to do list.
It's long, and has lots of good summery things, and a few strange things.
Henry insisted on adding "eat fish" to the list, and I do love fish so I went for it.

It looks like we will be busy trying to get it all done,
but it's the perfect excuse to keep the boredom away.
I really think it's a lot of things we do regardless of a list,
but it makes the kids excited
to see what we will be doing in the few months ahead.
And, it's always nice to get their opinion too.

James likes to point at each one and ask what it is.

I hope we keep these smiles all summer long...

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Melissa @ It's Fancy Schmancy said...

I love that blog! They always have cute stuff.