Daddy's Dream Come True!

{Showing off the big boy undies}

Preston said to me last week,
"If James is potty trained and Stella walks in the same day, I will shed a tear".
Well, let them flow, Baby!

James is potty trained (for the most part)!
One day last week he wanted to wear superhero underwear,
so we let him have at it. I told him about every hour to go potty,
and he did!!! It helped that we had a few prizes for him to potty for.
He was great at going potty on his little potty chair, dumping it in the toilet,
flushing, washing his hands and making a checkmark on his potty chart.

We've had an accident or two, but everyday he gets better and better!
It always helps when you wait until their almost old enough to get married ;).

He peed his way to some bath toys, water toys and an umbrella,
and even pooped his way to a flying Buzz Lightyear...
Now if we can just get him to do it for the sake of good hygiene and his parents' pleasure,
we will be good to go!

Stella's accomplishments deserves it's own post...
I'll be back after we wipe Preston's tears.


jodi said...

the worst part about potty training is dumping that bucket. I was happier when they graduated to the big potty.

Melissa @ It's Fancy Schmancy said...

I'm so jealous! I can't get Zane to even think about it. Anymore advice potty training boys?

Jessie said...

jodi- james dumps the bucket and does a pretty darn good job of it! henry only used the regular toilet but james was afraid of it.

melissa- no tips. i don't really train. i just wait until they're super old and can do it.