"This ain't no woman's chili".

We had our monthly Pond Family Sunday Dinner out at the in-law's house on Sunday night. Nick, my father-in-law, cooked the meal for the first time ever (way to go, Nick!)! He made dutch oven chili, but it wasn't just any chili, it was a "man's chili". As he took the first bites of the meaty concoction he even looked at his sons and said with pride, "this ain't no woman's chili". I got a good laugh out of that one. I must consider myself more manly than most women because I prefer the meat over the beans!

Henry loved playing with his cousins and grandma and grandpa's vintage toys. The adults devoured the copious amounts of food that we are always served and sat on the couch stuffed, talking about the injustice of the Boy Scout Administration and planned upcoming holiday parties. Good times!


Salmans said...

Yeah, I was your 7,000th visitor. I feel like I should win a prize.

arianne said...

that is a lot of visitors, I was your 7005th vistor.

Sounds like you had a good time with the in laws. I love a good chili!! YUMMY! I hope you didn't have heart burn to bad after that!! :)

pamo said...

yum, good looking food!

annek said...

I love good chili with all the fixins'! How fun to get together every month.
Wow...looks like Rusty needs to be getting a new job with the Boy Scouts, right!!