The latest Buzz!

Since getting home from Disneyworld, it's all about Buzz at our house! Henry walks around chanting "Woody and Buzz. Buzz and Woody", and adds in a little "to the rescue" cheer here and there. I'm a touch sad to see him growing past his Backyardigans stage. As much as I feel like I'm more of a boy mom than a girl mom (when it comes to toys and dress-up....how in the world do you keep track of Barbie's tinsy tiny shoes anyways?) I feel like he's getting to the age where he's liking big boy toys. He would love to get ahold of some of his cousin's transformers or his friend's action figures. I'm just not ready for the ninja fights, alien invasions and wrestling matches. I still prefer the catchy Backyardigans tunes and the innocent stories of Curious George. This space stuff is out of my realm of comfort. I'm sure it will be just like any other toy though.....they love it just temporarily and move on. Until then I'll pretend to be the best space ranger I can be!


Melinda said...

Ben has that exact toy from our trip to Disneyland!! I am sad Ben is growing out of the Buzz phase. He was into Buzz for a long time. I just have to wait a little bit and Seth will discover Buzz and it will start all over again.

pamo said...

jessie, if you have a girl she will be just like you and she'll want to keep track of her little barbie shoes...you'll just get her a nice little container.

you are a great boy mom.

annek said...

Henry even looks more grown up...luckily for you, you have another little babe on the way!