Who can afford "The Big Apple"?

I walked with the boys to the local grocery store just 2 blocks away this morning to pick up a few things to fix for meals. My "few things" ended up costing me $50!!! I'm sure you're imagining that I came home with bags full of fancy breads, gourmet pastries and the sort, but NO....I came home with apples, bananas, cheese, lunchmeat, bread, canned soup, carrots, eggs, pasta, and a box of brownie mix. The apples alone were $1.25 each!!! I had no way of getting excess back home, so I only got what fit in the bottom of Henry's stroller...thank goodness I did, or I wouldn't be able to spend another dime for the next 2 weeks! I just really don't know how anyone affords this place. Where's Costco and Macey's when you need it?


katieandkelly said...

It's because Utah sells everything in bulk! You are used to "Mormon prices!"

The Lamb Family said...

It's crazy, isn't it? I live in L.A., and it is like NY. Everything is really expensive, including living cost. I think that produce costs a little more in NY though... Glad you're having fun though!