Let's not forget the floating baby!

I have had many compliments and complaints on my "floating baby" widget here on the blog. I must confess it is a little disturbing and alienish and is forever going from breech to not breech, but I think it's not far from the true thing currently floating in my belly. It's fun to watch it grow and flip around outside on the blog, as well as feel it grow and flip around inside.

I had to add this picture of the onesies I picked up for baby #2 at Gymboree the other day. I didn't leave the fetus out on the Fall Shopping Spree! I thought these "little brother" and "little sister" were too cute to pass up...I can imagine Henry holding the baby at the hospital with one of these little onesies on. No, we aren't having twins, but sometimes you have to buy one of each when you really want it and aren't sure what you are having. Yes, this baby has quite the wardrobe already if it's a boy (thanks to Henry and my addictions). If it's a girl I'm sure we will be surrounded by pink in no time (I think Preston will be rolling his eyes if he reads this). I did notice that Gymboree has a 180 day return policy, so my $10 won't go wasted come February!


Anonymous said...

I've grown attached to Ollie.

katieandkelly said...

It sort of reminds me of the dancing baby that used to be on tv. Do you remember that?

pamo said...

they're really cute!

severts5 said...

Great idea! I liked the floating baby so much that I put it on our blog and we have less than 2 weeks left.