Labor Day...literally!

Our Labor Day was just that....a day of labor! Each one of us was working on something different, and we pitched into help each other out from time to time. It was a busy day!

I signed up for a Girlfriend's Cooking Club, much like the true franchise, My Girlfriend's Kitchen, but much more affordable, fun, and homemade. It's 10 of us friends who get together and swap meals. So, yesterday I made enough Chicken and Rice Chowder to serve 60 people. Next week we will get together and I will pass out my 9 meals to the other 9 girls and get 9 yummy meals in return. They can all go in the freezer, and I won't have to cook everynight! It's going to be wonderful!

Soup's on!

All of the veggies that go into the pots (my dearest hubby helped me chop these....we were both crying over choppin' all those onions)...

The finished product (minus a pot)...

I ran into a neighbor outside after slaving away in the kitchen for hours, and she asked what I had been cooking because she thought I smelled good. Not only did I smell, but our house smelled too! I think we will now have Chicken and Rice Chowder infused into our carpet and couches for good! If you've ever had the Panera Bread Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup this is VERY similar to it, and you will love it! I will post the recipe later.

Preston spent the day in the yard. He had a little mowing to do (while keeping an eye on Henry....thanks, babe!). Then he put wood trim around our gravel to keep it under control.

Henry's labors included eating, playing, making messes and sleeping. His most important work was sipping his Mom's Slurpee while riding on his new John Deere Gator from his Lund Grandparents and Aunt Tia for his 2nd birthday. He loves this thing, but can't really manage the whole steering bit just yet. The older neighorhood kids are more than happy to give him a spin...

Today we are resting from our labors...

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pamo said...

i can't WAIT for the soup. you're a trooper.