Binky Boy

At two years old Henry still loves his paci. We only let him have it at naptime and bedtime, but from time to time he hunts them down....either reaches into his crib to retrieve one, or digs in the diaper bag for the emergency stash (he knows the exact pocket now). We have debated taking the pacifier away from him, but really see no need to take away his one "comfort item" if he only uses it in his crib and in the car on occasion. Plus, he usually spits it out once falling asleep anyways. As much as he adores these things I'm really impressed how willing he is to share them with others. He thinks it's funny to see Mommy or Daddy sucking away on his "pap", as he calls it. He usually steals it back very shortly but is very willing to give you a quick taste.

We'll let him keep it for now. It's the only baby part left of him!


Jennifer said...

CUTE!! Sometimes I wish Ella still had her pacifier.

Salmans said...

Whoo hoo! I've made the pond ponderings special link list. I've really got to keep a blogging.

pamo said...

i'm not sure how i feel about this. just kidding. i'm just a mean mom who won't give her kids paci's.