The Daily Grind

Everyday around here has pretty much been the same. I've learned it's just easier not to venture too far from the apartment. But, there is a huge playroom in the basement of the building for the kiddos that live here. Everyday just before lunch and just after Henry's nap, we make our way down to the play room.

It all starts with an all out button-pushing war. We have finally organized it so that Henry pushes the down button for the elevator and Cole pushes the floor # inside. Once we're downstairs we explore all of the large toys lined up along the walls (a slide, a puppet stage, a basketball hoop, a kitchen, a boat, a few ride-ons, tents, tunnels, a doll house, mats, a trampoline, and much more). Then Henry wants to pull out all of the little cars and animals out of the bins stuffed with more and more small toys. Henry has only recently conquered going down slides. He's always wanted to ride on my "map" (aka: lap). Today I gave him the idea to have Elmo ride on his lap instead. He loved that! Good thing we don't have to go far for fun! We're lucky to make it 9 flights to the basement with these 2 wild ones! And, it's a kid's paradise!


pamo said...

That is really nice! how fun!

arianne said...

wow that looks so fun. I wish my playroom in my house was that nice!!

roadrunner said...

The kids look like they love it! I'm sure you do too!