my weekend away...delayed.

So, I think we've finally recovered from the big tragedy at our house. We let the Mac dry in the garage, upside down, battery out for a few days and now it's working like a champ. I just really, really hope that it stays this way. I just don't think I can live without it!

Because of the tragedy I never got to give a summary of my wonderful weekend out. On Friday afternoon I dropped little Henry off at my sister-in-law Nicholeen's to go to the Children's Museum and have a sleepover. Preston and I met our friends, the Beaches and the Bostons, for dinner (a juicy steak at Ruby River, except Pam got the dirty ribs) and the Simpsons movie. It was a nice date night with great company. It was our last hurrah before the Bostons little man arrives within the next few weeks (how exciting!). Preston and I got a hotel room and a night to ourselves (and that's the only crappy picture I got to show for it above!....I didn't realize before I set the timer that it was out of focus!!!). Can I tell you it's a nice break to not have to go through putting a kid to bed, even just for a night? It was wonderful.

It gets even better....the next day Jeni and I scrapped our brains out. We went to Pebbles and scrapbooked from 10am-11pm with very few potty and food breaks. We were both on missions to get some serious work done. Mission accomplished. I completed 21 pages and am officially done with all of my printed pictures of Henry as a baby...which means I am officially done with traditional scrapbooking. It's all digital from here on out. I felt a major sense of accomplishment.

So, yes, my 2 days away was fabulous (thank you, Nicholeen and my dear hubby), but too bad I had to come home to a water-spilling adventurous little climber boy.

I'm off to bed, for my sister, her hubby and darling children will be arriving here early in the morning....yipee!

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pamo said...

you are insane. do you realize what time it was when you went to bed?

i know i know, house must be clean.