Fun with cousins: Day 2

Day 2 of my sister's family in town started at the Gateway. We visited the Children's Museum with some of our friends. Henry met his little girlfriend Lily there, and they had a great time playing together.

Henry being an engineer, just like his daddy...

After the kids were worn out there, we went for some lunch and took them down to the fountains at the Gateway.
Henry, happy to be near water...

Me and Henry, just waiting to be sprayed!

Roe and Henry, being best little buds!

After a little shopping we headed for home, only to change into our swimsuits and leave again for Cherry Hill. I decided against taking my camera there....didn't really want to carry it down a waterslide. It was our first visit there, and we all loved it! Henry's favorite was the big water slides on mama's lap. He giggled the whole way down. I had to hold onto him for dear life because the water travelled so fast! It was fun to see him so excited.

The kids are peacefully sleeping and we're off to get some rest too. It's been a big day, and more is in store for tomorrow! I feel like I'm on vacation in my own town!


pamo said...

what a fun day! so i take it jeni hasn't had her baby.

roadrunner said...

Nope, no baby yet! Thanks for inviting us to play with you guys. Lily and I had a great time!!