Davis County Fair: Take 2.

Last night we revisited the Davis County Fair. Preston wanted to join us this time. We had tickets to the rodeo, but we wanted to go a bit early for Henry to see the animals again. This kid has no fear when it comes to animals!...he walked right up to a group of cows mooin' away and just started petting them...I was afraid he was going to get kicked or laid on (there was no fence). They had a petting zoo, so he got up close and personal with some goats, a calf and some pigs. He gets right in their faces and pets them between the eyes.

Henry got to ride on his friend Charlie that he rode on earlier in the week. We waited in a long line, but Henry would get excited everytime Charlie circled around by him.

The Beaches and the Ayalas met us for the rodeo. It was pretty exciting (can't you tell by the look on Henry's face?)!

We ended up leaving in a downpour and a lightning storm, soaking wet, but it was well worth it. I didn't get any photos of the action, but you can check a few out on Pam's blog. But, it really wasn't as dirty cowboy as she describes.


nicholeen said...

Jessie- you must have just put this on. I was looking at the blog a few minutes ago and this wasn't there. You are really the fair goers.


pamo said...

Jessie! I loved every minute of it! So did Bryan. I was mostly joking on my blog! Promise. I thought it was funny and entertaining. I wasn't complaining. And I know you don't like fair hot dogs.

Jessie said...

I know, I know.

Have you ever offended a person in your life, Pam? I know better than that.