The not-so 7 year itch!

Preston and I celebrated our 7th anniversary a few days back. What's this about a 7 year itch? No itching here so far and don't plan on it. I guess it's pretty easy when you're married to the most laid back, easygoing, patient, and giving man in the world!

Isn't he cute too?

A good friend once said it was my "service project to the world" to marry Preston, but I think she had it all backwards. Afterall, I'm the anal-retentive, hard-headed, impatient one.

Thanks for the fun, babe! Happy Anniversary!


katieandkelly said...

Yay Happy Anniversary! Marriage is so fun, especially when you have a rockin husband!

Anonymous said...

Have you seriously been married 7 yrs? Happy late anniversary, kbsay

pamo said...

ouch! i feel really truly terrible about saying that. because i think preston is amazing. you guys have to know i think that. i'm sorry.