sweet "bum"ber!

My sweet boy sleeps bum-up all of the time. It's his preferred position.

I usually don't peek at him while he's sleeping (it's my "get stuff done" time), but yesterday I had to wake him from his sweet slumber to go pick his daddy up from work. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of this rarely seen precious site.

My favorite part about this pose is that he lays on top of his stuffed animal ("Poke" in Henry's terms), with his feet nuzzled up behind him, and his paci only half in his mouth. Yes, he still takes a pacifier (only during sleep, car, and moments away from mom), and yes, we do need to get rid of it. I'm just not ready for the fight.

He just looks so comfy....maybe I'll give this sleep position a try tonight!

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pamo said...

a sleeping child completely melts my heart, i must admit.