all aboard!

On one of our final days in Kansas we went to the park to ride the train. Henry was ecstatic, of course! He yelled "tain, tain" right when he caught a glimpse of it. Then as we sat on our bench waiting for the train to go he began repeating the things I was saying. He's now a pro at "choo choo" and "all aboard". They each sound like one word ran together, but it's discernible none the less. I can't believe how much his vocabulary is picking up these days. He will repeat just about anything...train and choo choo I don't so much mind, but I'm trying my darndest to eliminate the other not-so-important words out of my mouth, like crap and dangit. It's just not so fun hearing them come out of your 1 year old's mouth!


annek said...

Looks like fun!! It sounds like Henry is growing up so quick!!

pamo said...

how cute! you always take him to do fun things. and if all he says is "crap" and "dangit", you're lucky.