I treated myself!

Mother's Day came and Mother's Day went. Actually, I should be more grateful and add that my dear husband did make me breakfast (like he does every Sunday) and did write me a very sweet poem. BUT, the last line of the poem read, "I will follow through, and a gift I'll get you too". So later I alluded to this future "gift" I was getting, and he laughed and said that that's not what he meant. Well, what did he mean? I still have no clue.

So, I took it upon myself yesterday to go to the mall and get me these cute shoes at Famous Footwear. He always makes fun of me for buying my own gifts, but I felt as though I earned these. He probably would've saved himself a lot of money if he would have picked out a gift himself. He doesn't know about these yet, but I'm sure I'll get laughed at tonight.

Aren't they cute? I'm not very stylish, but I feel like these are comfy and cozy with a smallish sense of style.

Maybe next year he'll pick something out on his own (or he just won't write a poem about my so-called "gift").


katieandkelly said...

Those do look cute and comfy! They look very "you" as well! Preston's poem was cracking me up!

pamo said...

are they cozy? are they wide enough? i need some new shoes and these are cute....but i DO have my new feet to think about....need shoes to be nice n wide.

prest can be so ambiguous sometimes.

roadrunner said...

Those shoes are super cute!