Happy 30th, Keely!

It's my sis's BIG 30th birthday today!

She deserves a good one too! Her title in my life is never-ending....my sister, my friend, my nurse, my confidant, a great example to me......and on and on....With 2 little ones and another due to arrive in just a few months, she sure knows how to run a household and have fun doing it! I hope you have a happy 30th birthday today, Keely, and a happy year ahead! Love ya! And don't worry about being 30, I'm not far behind you!


Jessie said...

Thanks Jess, I am really struggling with this one, I feel like I need to start acting grown up! SCARY, Xander told me, "I don't want you to be old" Sad eh? Enjoy your twenties while they last, Keely

katieandkelly said...

Yay for 30! Happy Birthday Keely!