The Fun Bunch Lunch

Preston so accurately labeled our group of friends "The Fun Bunch" a few years ago, and since then it's stuck! We had our annual Christmas party with the Beaches and the Bostons when we were visiting.

Every fun bunch gathering includes food, so kindly made by Pam. She's quite the cook! I always call her gourmet, but this meal was more "hearty"....potato cheese soup with ham & cheese rolls...DELICIOUS!

The kiddie table...

This scene lasted all of 3 minutes before the kids began falling out of their chairs....first went Lily and then Liam. Milli commentated the whole time on who was doing what before she ran off to change her outfit for the 3rd time (as many girls do in a day). Liam went to join Pam at the adult table and Henry decided to take advantage of being alone with all of the food and stole Liam's Ramen (what's a hungry boy to do?). Liam wasn't happy with that and fought for his Ramen back.....but of course, he still didn't want to eat it. We decided that our lives have sure changed since we've all brought kids into the world!!!! Our gatherings have turned into kidfest!

The little ones exchanged gifts...

.....and fought over gifts!

Henry got a fun Elmo stereo from the Beaches and some bat and balls from the Bostons.

It was yet another enjoyable Fun Bunch get together!

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pamo said...

i'm glad to see you are still describing gatherings with us as "enjoyable". that means we're still friends!