****Henry searching for relief from the heat****
Okay, this heat is getting out of hand! It has been over 111 degrees here for the past week! We can't go aside, except to rush to the car. Our A/C is on CONSTANTLY and we've even had a few hours of power loss. No more walks for us until we drop about 15 degrees. My white legs have gotten even whiter because I don't dare stay outside for more than 1 minute. I feel like we are locked up in our own house. I'm wanting Utah back today....I need a cool drive up the canyon and the need to put a sweatshirt on at nightfall. They say there is a break coming soon....it will only be 100, if you call that a break.

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Jennifer said...

Yep, we're melting here too!! Just waiting until Saturday when it will be supposedly back to normal!