a visit from the in-laws...

The Ponds paid us a visit here in Bakersfield! It's so nice to have visitors! We had a great weekend...Bakersfield doesn't have a whole lot to do, but we sure kept busy! On Thursday night we celebrated our anniversary at Buck Owens Crystal Palace....great food and entertainment! On Friday Preston had to work, but the rest of us made the trek to LA for the day...Janeen wanted to do some shopping at IKEA and then we visited a beach in Malibu...Henry sure loved the sand....I thought for sure he would eat it, but after one bite, he decided it wasn't worth it. The worst of the weekend was our journey home on Friday night...we were hoping to make it back in time to go out to ice cream with Preston, but instead we got stuck in a 2 hour traffic delay (we made it 3.5 miles in 2 hours) because of a brush fire. That was maddening, but we made it home safely. Saturday was HOT, but we managed to make it to the Pioneer Heritage celebration and cool off with snowcones. We also got a break from the heat when we went to see Pirates of the Carribean. Parts were entertaining, but I sure didn't understand the whole story line. OH well...maybe next time!

Henry sure loved having his grandparents around. He was all smiles from the time they walked in the door until the moment they left (except the 4 hour car ride, of course). He would dive for them everytime he caught site of them! He even learned how to wave thanks to their coming and going!

Thanks for the visit, Nick and Janeen!

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