picture overload!!!

Just wanted to share some pictures and highlights from our trip! Just Henry and I went with my family to Branson, Missouri...it was my parents, Keely and her kids, and Angie's kids for the whole week. We kept pretty busy. Henry found a new love...those quarter kiddie rides. A quarter sounds pretty cheap, right? Well, he would cry as soon as the thing would stop moving, so after many rides, it didn't seem so cheap. Another new-found Henry love was swimming. My dad took him one night, and he just went for it....he would splash his arms and legs so fast and then even dunk his head into the water...he's a little dare devil! His 2 new accomplishments while we were there are crawling....yes, my kid finally CRAWLS!...it's only an army crawl, but it counts, right? And the other is wearing his first pair of Nike's...he loves to have you walk him around, so I splurged on some good walking shoes. We did the traditional Branson activities....a country show, go-kart rides, custard stops, but Keely and I also became addicted to putting together puzzles. We would lay the kids down for a nap or have them play, and just go to town. We finished 3 puzzles in a week!....Geeky, I know, but it was relaxing and challenging. Henry loved playing with his cousins. He would beam at Roe when she came near hunting and calling for "Henny", and was mesmerized by Xander's pirate and Superman adventures.

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Is that Kinsey? She looks just like Angie!