this house buying stuff stinks!

so we are officially on the hunt to buy a house in utah. we're in bakersfield now, but only plan to be here until august-ish....you just never know with preston's job. as all of you know, the house prices are outrageous! we've even looked into commuting (which preston was always anti), and you still have to spend a pretty penny. we were just in utah and found a house that is perfect for us in farmington. we put an offer in on it a week ago and still NOTHING! it's getting ridiculous! they swear their still processing it and that we should hear back this week. it just seems like they'd want to hurry up for the amount of money they'd be getting, but houses are going like hotcakes, so i guess it's no biggie to them. i don't have my heart set on it, but we're thinking it would be a good place to plant some roots. then again, preston still swears that berger lane may still be the best place for us :)!!!

this is a pic of henry enjoying the place... i took pics for preston because he's never seen the inside.


JessiesHusband said...

Am I affiliated with the house hunting.

pamo said...

i am also affiliated with the househunting and wish she would come live by me.