i went gourmet

i made a southwestern cobb salad last night for dinner. okay, so it's not that gourmet (not as gourmet as pam gets anyway), BUT doesn't it look nice? preston was so impressed by my "arrangement skills" that he had to take a picture. it's pretty sad when your husband whips out the camera everytime you cook because it's a kodak moment! he's easily impressed. anyways, the salad looked REALLY good and tasted pretty good. i'd make it again.

still no news on the house. it's starting to become a joke around here. i'd actually be surprised to hear back at this point. i'll just keep my focus on sharpening my cooking skills until then.


pamo said...

wow jessie. i'm proud of you. you're becoming a real homemaker! i'm impressed too, by your presentation skills.

/ said...

that is sooo kraft food and family, it looks tasty,