Back to School...again.

Time is flying right by.  The summer seemed to slip right through our fingers.
My kids are getting older and I'm losing track of time.
I can't believe Henry will be in 4th grade.  FOURTH GRADE!  Really?  I used to teach 4th grade and those kids were big...and smart...and independent....and started to like girls...it's just crazy!
And James will be gone all day!  My little boy who likes to give me hugs and often falls asleep on the couch in the afternoons...he'll be gone all the darn day.  Unbelievable.
And Stella will be in preschool 3 mornings in a few weeks.  My baby.  Mommy's little errand buddy.
But no longer.  I will have a few hours of free time most days to get stuff done.
It will be so nice but it's also just a little sad and a lot nuts to think about.

They are back to school.  Again.  For reals.

I'm just happy that we love our school and the kids both have great friends in their classes!

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